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About Corfu

We are a professional agency that help the clients to have a residential or commercial property in different areas. The Corfu Real Estate Company is also a leading name on the island of Corfu that has helped a number of clients to purchase, lease, renovate and develop the property as per their requirements.

We offer tailor made as well as customized solution to their clients and offer complete services from the visit to property to selection and final documentation of the property. We know the rates and area in-depth and hence the client can have the benefit of their experience in the field.

We are in this sector for a number of years and hence know the rules and regulations in detail so that can guide the client accordingly. If the client wants to erect a commercial property or want to have a residential villa, the company can also help him with construction.

In case the client wants to develop the property and need help, the company can also offer personalized assistant that can help the client to shape the property as per his wish and guidance.