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April 21, 2017

The advantages of front yard signage for realtors

With the ever changing and emerging ways to market properties these days, it can be quite a challenge for a new realtor to come up with a unique selling point that will allow his or her own listing to stand out. Depending on the location, competition can be terribly harsh, so it’s important for any realtor to come up with a bullet proof marketing strategy, which can easily penetrate its target market.

Today, we see majority of the property listings on both new and traditional media. There are realtor-owned websites popping, yellow pages, and digital business listings. Interestingly, amidst all these front yard signs can still be seen across villages and communities. The mere fact that these yard signage manage to still exist up to this point, in a rather more new media dominated real estate marketing is a proof that this type of campaign still holds value, even for realtors.

Yard signage have an extremely local flavor. Meaning it directly appeals to the people where it is displayed. This means that yard signage has a more local and familiar look for anyone who sees it. Moreover, since it is not as elaborate as a property website, any realtor will be compelled to put only all the necessary information in one signage design. Among the crucial information there are contact details and the property for sale. This way, there is a higher likelihood for leads to actually call and inquire. At this point, it becomes solely the realtor’s job to ensure that you get the message across.

Yard signage are flashed with clear and huge text, which means that even people in a moving vehicle can easily see and get all the information at once. More often than not, these signage are also displayed in a more intimate setting so there is no risk of overcrowding it.  Contrary to the usual thought, the front yard signage does not even have to be seen where the property to be sold is. Many of the realtors we know simply used or rented our yards of their friends, where they think the potential buyers often pass by. If this isn’t an option, a realtor can certainly also use his or her own yard for the signage. The important goal in this type of passive marketing is to be seen by the right people, and to seal deals from the inquiries derived from these yard signage.

Lastly, yard signage will never be a loss of investment given how affordable it is compared to other forms of real estate marketing.

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