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Check for Mould Before Buying a Home


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I’m sure you don’t want to buy a house where moulds are festering. Unfortunately, these spores can be sneaky and difficult to detect for the untrained eyes. If you are in the market for a home, make sure to choose a seller who tells you about mould inspection being done on the home. If not, you can have Green Demo inspect the house you are interested in.

The Problem With Mould Infested Home

Mould can come in all sorts of colors—gray, black, white or green—some of them are even visible which causes an ugly stain in an otherwise beautiful wall or ceiling. While other moulds are visible and gives out that odorous smell, some can be hidden behind walls, basements, attic and in between the cracks of concrete. When this happens, moulds can be hard to detect and before you know it, you’ve got family members getting sick for no apparent cause.

Common places where moulds are likely to prosper includes:

  • Places where there is a leaking water source like pipes, windows or roofs. The available water gives the mould the needed head start to grow.
  • Flooded basements that are not thoroughly dried up. Again the available water can give it a haven to grow.
  • Excess moisture that’s trapped inside well sealed houses. This is particularly true among newly built houses because their sealing mechanism prevents moisture from evaporating and drying out.
  • Houses with poor ventilation. This prevents water from evaporating fast. This is usually the case if you have plants in the home and you water them more than necessary. The excess water can be a haven for moulds when its not removed on time.

Aside from the ugly appearance that moulds does to homes, the unpleasant odor it emits causes health problems as well. Mycotoxins from moulds can cause sever respiratory problems, rashes, seizures, bleeding and fatigue. Although most moulds are non-toxic, you can just take your chances and ignore this kind of problem. If you have the slightest doubt that they house you’re interested in could be infested with moulds, immediately call the experts and have it inspected. It stands to reason that you can’t just let your money be taken from you in exchange for a home that can be a potential health hazard. Make sure that you prioritize your safety first before buying a home because this kind of decision can’t be taken lightly.