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October 25, 2016

Check if Your Neighborhood is Pet Friendly Before Buying a Home

Looking for a new home?  There are, of course, many things to take into consideration before zeroing in.  We would like to suggest finding a neighborhood that is pet-friendly.  Not only infrastructure but environment and neighbors also.  You could end up in a neighborhood that considers pets a pest.

There are many situations that could lead you into coming to a neighborhood that does not receive pets very well.  Some of these could be physical situations that could be harmful to your pet.

A neighborhood that is not pet-friendly usually has the following characteristics:

  • You don´t see many pets around.  This could mean that there is probably a rule in the neighborhood against pets.  You should check.
  • There are no bag stations for collecting your dog’s mess.
  • There is no park.
  • Cars usually drive pretty fast as there are no bumps.
  • No trails for pets or anything similar is found.
  • If there are any dogs in the neighborhood they are usually relentless against other dogs.
  • Gardens in houses do not seem to be built for pets.
  • Veterinarian´s office is pretty far away and there are very few or non-existent pet stores.

It is imperative that you check whether a place can take in a dog.  Making sure that there are other pets around will guarantee that your pet has the opportunity to interact with other members of their species.  Recreational areas especially designed for pets are essential.

Sometimes, by rule, neighbors are not allowed to have pets.  This is why you should make sure that you are aware of such policies.

Once you have found out that a neighborhood is indeed pet-friendly, you should be able to actually verify that this is true.  Some signs of a pet-friendly neighborhood would be:

  • You see neighbors walking their pets on the neighborhood´s sidewalk.
  • There is a park where people usually take their pets.  This park includes a leash-free area where you can let your pet go with no risk of it going astray.
  • You see kids in gardens playing with their pets.
  • Home are usually fenced.  You cannot expect that all neighbors with pets keep them indoors all the time.
  • You might be able to see stations with bags to collect after your dog.
  • There is a veterinarian close to the neighborhood.  This is not a tight one, but it is important that you have the option of reaching out to the vet in case of emergency.  Location of your neighborhood is important here.
  • The same goes with pet stores or places where you can buy dog food.  Verify that, if there is a store in the neighborhood, it includes a nice selection of pet food.

Find a neighborhood that will make your family happy.  But let’s not forget about our faithful critters. They also deserve to be taken into consideration when moving to a new place.  If moving is stressful to you and family, imagine how much it is to your pet.  Select a neighborhood that will treat your pet nicely.

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