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October 14, 2016

Selling a Clean Home Will Get you More Money

You want to sell your home and you want to do it fast.  There are many things that you could be doing to make your home look nice.  There are several tips to make your home be sold quickly.

This time, we will focus on how a clean home will actually make its price go up.  But first, you should think about pricing.  House marketing today seems to work with one strategy alone.  Do not overprice your house thinking that you can bring it down to normal price as you bargain.  This is not the same thing as selling a car.  The best way to go actually is to price it a bit lower.  You will attract many bidders and get to pick the most generous offer.  This will make your home’s price actually go up.  Yes, it is a risky move but it is the one that will work to get your house new owners fast and with great profit to you.

Nevertheless, in order for your house to be likable, one very important aspect is that it has to be clean.   We do not mean only free from dust but also free from all types of impurities.  Essentially, you need to clean and declutter, making sure everything is in its place.

Before selling your home, consider taking the following advice to make it sell at a better price:

  • Freshen up the air.  This means to open the windows and let air inside.  Do not use an air freshener or candles as some people might be allergic to them.  Take away the trash occasionally.  If you have pets, store their food in hermetic containers.  Air bedrooms before making the bed.  If you are not able to distinguish the smell of your home, have somebody else come to give it a sniff.
  • Give the bathrooms special emphasis.  Clean the toilet bowl thoroughly.  Scrub the walls of the shower or tub.  Place fresh towels and make that mirror sparkle.
  • Avoid clutters.  This includes anything that looks like a pile of junk.  Have a specific place for guest coats.  Get an extra closet if needed.  Get rid of the infamous pile of laundry.  You might want to get a basket or some cabinets.  One thing that many homes helplessly have all over the house is that wad of computer wires.  There are ways of making those look more orderly.

Nobody finds pleasure in walking into a dirty house.  Consider that there might be some corners which will be hard to reach.  To make sure you cover those, the top cleaners in Yorkville are ready to help.

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