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October 6, 2016

Tips for Photographing Real Estate Effectively

Taking great pictures is an art already.  Capturing the very essence of an image through photography is truly a talent.  This imagery mostly hast the purpose of entertaining and pleasing.  Photography is also used for some less pragmatic purposes. In the case of real estate, capturing the perfect angle is not only an art but a science as well.  This is actually translated into profit.  A portfolio with a great real estate photography goes a long way into capturing a potential buyer’s eye.  This is what listings that sell are made of.

The following are amazing tips to capture the essence of a property through photography.

Prepare the room

Make the room spotless and pristine.  Straighten up curtains, bed covers, and blinds.  Cushion up pillows and sofas.  Get rid of clutters such as papers, cloth, or anything that you will normally not see in a show house.  Turn on all the lights to get rid of any unwanted shadows.  In fact, play with the lighting a little bit.  Sometimes, too much light can be counterproducing as it might show too much glare.  On the other hand, too little light can give a gloomy appearance that will only produce unlikeable photos.

Pick the best time of the day

Most photographers agree that, sometimes, it is best to use natural light rather than artificial.  So, probably the best time of the day to take your pictures is when there is sunlight.  However, even the amount of natural light needs to be controlled sometimes.  Do this by opening and closing curtains depending on needs.  It is a great thing that digital cameras today allow for you to take many pictures with different lighting settings.  You can sit and choose the best one as you compare them all.

Some photo editing is valid

Even after you have found the best lighting of the room, you can still make some photo editing.  Of course, do not overdo it.  Make changes that will make the image look better.  For instance, you can easily play with contrast, hue, sharpness, and darkness.  You do not need to be a professional photo editor.  Computers usually come with an easy-to-use photo-editing software.

Effective Composition

Take pictures of a room from as many angles as you can.  Usually the best shots are achieved from one corner to the opposite one.  You can always sit at your computer later and decide which is the best shot.  Now, there are some rules that you must abide by when taking a good real estate photography.  First, make sure all your vertical lines are vertical.  This means that you should make sure your camera is perfectly horizontal.

Avoid cluttering

Keep in mind that potential buyers are picturing what this house would look like with their things in it.  This is harder to do if the place is cluttered with so many things.  Create spaces that allow potential buyers imagine ways to fill them up.

Real estate photography, as stated before, is a very important part of your listings.   Make them stand out by taking the best picture, taking expert advice and tips into consideration.


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